Services 360 Vision

The ‘Services 360’ vision seeks to redesign cross-government services in Dubai with a fully integrated solution that focuses on key areas related to the customer including family, transportation, housing, and business setup. It is comprised of four main pillars: 

• Integrated: all services will be provided through a single window regardless of the number of entities providing the services.

• Seamless: Ensures that the customer gets the service in a coherent, easy and quick manner. 

• Proactive: Provided without the customer's request for the service. 

• Customized: understanding customer behaviors scientifically and meticulously in order to create a global model that inspires others seeking to improve their government services and efficiently contribute to Dubai’s strategic objectives and its goal for enhancing people’s happiness.

The Services 360 vision includes a number of initiatives to support the new scheme of work among government entities in Dubai, including: 

• Government Services Guide: An integrated and unified guide that includes the definition and classification of services and their delivery channels and holds their performance results to become a reference for all government entities. 

• Customer Voice: A new methodology for managing the opinions and suggestions of customers in order to improve services.

• Government Service Designer Programme: A Programme to qualify trained professionals in the field of designing government services and lead within this field.