Improving Governmental Services in Dubai


The Dubai Model Centre follows an established the Dubai Government Methodology for Service Improvement for improving services within the government entity themselves, which consists of five interrelated stages that strive to raise the level of awareness among employees of government entities on how to manage and implement service improvements in a systematic and organized manner.


Firstly, the team assesses the present situation by studying the current level of service performance and understanding the needs and expectations of customers. Secondly, the assessment is followed by the planning stage, which is carried out by defining a list of possible areas of service improvement and pinpointing future goals, alongside developing an action plan.Thirdly, the implementation stage entails disseminating and rolling out of the plan and overseeing the implementation all while ensuring adaptability, risk management, and flexibility in dealing with changes in the plan.Fourthly, the monitoring and follow-up phase includes monitoring performance; submitting periodic follow-up reports; implementing recommendations; updating the plan as required. And finally, the continuous education phase is where the final results are evaluated, and achievements are celebrated through The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Program for Government Services Flag.