Hamdan Bin Mohammed Program for Governmental Services

The programme aims to improve government services, achieve customer happiness, provide them with the best in accordance with international best practices, and ascertain the importance of partnership between society and government as a cornerstone for upgrading government services. The list of government services nominated for the program goes through a series of evaluation processes prior to the public vote stage, which included the initial axes of evaluation. Services A set of criteria that measure the results of efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and the extent of commitment to the smart government approach, and included personal interviews for government agencies and agencies, with the aim of developing comprehensive perceptions about the impact of these services in the short and long term, and measuring performance indicators for each initiative, according to the Dubai Model methodology. to improve government services. Accordingly, the winning government entity was selected, which will in turn embrace the banner of the Hamdan bin Mohammed Program for Government Services for a whole year, expressing its superiority in the leadership race to achieve the highest levels of happiness and improved services for the citizens and residents of the Emirate of Dubai.

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Board, the Dubai Model Centre organized the Hamdan Hub, which was the first of its kind to celebrate the innovation teams, leaders of the Dubai government, as well as their dedicated efforts to improve government performance through continuous work to enhance government services.

The candidates of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Program for Government Services were also recognized for their tireless efforts and their relentless pursuit to ensure government services reach unprecedented levels of leadership.

The forum aims to highlight the Dubai government's annual efforts to enhance its services and transition into a smart government. The innovation teams and leaders of the Government work throughout the year to upgrade the services of the Dubai Government, through the annual improvement cycle, where the results are highlighted by the nominations in the Hamdan bin Mohammed Government Services Program.

The Hamdan Hub is deemed crucial to promote the implementation of the final phase of the Service Improvement Methodology of Dubai Model Centre by highlighting the key challenges of government services and success stories achieved by innovation teams and sharing them with the Leadership in a transparent manner.

The forum aims to support the model of transition to smart government by encouraging the improvement of public services in fundamental and innovative ways. It celebrates the successes of government agencies that have achieved a remarkable and sustained improvement in their public services and service delivery channels, appearing as an exceptional model in this field. The forum recognizes teams and individuals from public service leaders and providers for their active role in driving positive change and provides proper documenting of the best practices in government entities for knowledge sharing.