Research and Case Studies

The Dubai Model Center plays a pivotal role in developing plans and initiatives that contribute to achieving a leading status in the field of services, service delivery channels and customer happiness. The Dubai Model Center also works on researching, documenting and disseminating best practices in the field of service competitiveness at the local and global levels and proposes smart strategic tools and systems to research and document the reality of service provision in Dubai and improving it. The methods used by the Dubai Model Center in "The Improvement Cycle and Citymakers Methodology" had a clear impact in the planning and preparation of the improvements required to the services, to ultimately reach a level of excellence, from a global perspective.

All of the projects emerge as a research base tool that aims to study and understand the state of some of the main services provided by the Dubai Government and create innovative ways to improve them. Additionally, it aims to establish a clear benchmark for service performance and evaluates international practices regarding similar services, in order to conduct a gap analysis and find potential areas for improvement. Results of the project are then presented to government stakeholders across its different entities and are utilized during the initial workshops between the Dubai Model team and the different government entity teams.

During the studies and research phase of the innovative design methodology for services which is used by “City Makers”, during which groups of customers are interviewed regarding the government services they have used, with the aim of understanding their experience and identifying areas of improvements. The interview is conducted at the Customer House at the City Maker’s headquarters, where the research team creates an in-depth report on government services, including quantitative data, qualitative data, and international best practices.